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Make up tips to enhance your natural freckles 


Admittedly when I was younger I had quite a different opinion but as an older and wiser woman I have grown to embrace my freckley freckled skin…. and with faux freckles becoming such a popular trend on the catwalks, it’s high time to celebrate them.

Tip #1 : If you want those cute freckles to be prominent, now is not the time to be covering your face with full coverage foundation. Instead, use a light-medium foundation so that your skin still looks natural but subtly enhanced!

Tip #2 : Only cover the areas that need concealer…just don’t go too ham with the concealer and this will definitely block out the majority of your freckles.

Tip #3 : If you have oily skin, powder is your best friend. Apply as much as you like to get rid of any skin but not give you that masked look.

Tip #4: For bronzer and contour, make sure you choose the right shade. Sometimes it can make the complexion look muddy if the bronzer/contour end up matching the colour of your freckles. Also if you want your freckles to really pop, a subtle contour is ideal!

And that’s it!

Embrace your freckles.

They not only make you unique, but beautiful!

Thanks for reading,

~ Irish Rose Beauty ~

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