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L’Oreal Infallible Eye Paint: Review & Swatch


This new release from L’Oreal has caught my eye for a while, but after initially picking up one shade, I’ve ended up keeping going back for more! Which can only be a good sign! These eye paints are all about ease of application and a choice of going for a subtle look, to a more vibrant one!  Let’s find out some more…!

Product details:

Discover Infallible Eyeshadow Paint, the boldest eye colour that stays put from AM to PM. 

The highly pigmented liquid-to-powder formula blends seamlessly, for flawless application, intense colour and all day wear.

How to use:

  1. Paint your base: Apply a light shade onto the lid and lightly blend the edges. The creamy base will create a longer wear and a more even surface for application.
  2. Paint it smoky: Apply a dark shade to your lid, buffing the edges out so colour is visible when the eye is open. Layer a darker shade along the lash line, softening the edges.
  3. Paint it loud: Use the applicator to paint a bold shade in an even layer over the entire lid, stopping at the crease. Or using an eyeshadow brush, paint colour over the lid lightly for a brush stroke effect.
  4. Paint your liner: Apply along the lash line using the edge of the applicator. For a more precise or winged liner use an eyeliner brush, coating the bristles with formula from the applicator.
  5. Paint your lashes: For a subtle pop of colour brush Infallible Eye Paint over the top of your mascara, or for bold coloured lashes coat a clean mascara wand in the formula and brush through the lashes.

Shades & Swatches:

  • 205 Cocky Bisque
  • 306 Nudist
  • 202 Keep on Khaki
  • 303 Breathtaking Brown

 I have fallen in love with this product, and it has quickly become my ‘go-to’ eyeshadow for the weekdays. As I’m sure you’ll all know, when it comes to first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is spend 10 minutes blended out 5 eyeshadows. This is perfect for a quick application! I find putting a bit on my lid and using my finger to blend it out works best.

This product initially has a mousse-like texture but this does dry down in approx. a minutes (so make sure you blend relatively quickly!). Once it is dry, it will not crease and had minimal fading after a long day. The eye paint can be built up for a more dramatic look, which makes them so versatile! I think I’ll have to go for some of the more bold colours next!

Some of the shades in the range are completely matte, and some have some slight simmer, whilst shades like Cocky Bisque are extremely shimmery and pigmented, and perfect for an inner corner highlight!

Honestly, I can’t praise them enough, and haven’t gone back to normal eyeshadows in a while, so that must say something good!

  • Final Verdict:

    • Ease of application: 5/5
    • Pigmentation: 4/5
    • Texture: 4/5
    • Longevity: 4/5
    • Ease of removal: 4/5
    • Cost: 4/5

      These can be bought at most local drugstores for £5.99.

      Let me know what you think in the comments below! I love hearing from you!

      Thanks for reading, hope this has been helpful!

      ~ Irish Rose Beauty ~


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